Suzuki Hayabusa This Years& Upcoming Resent Launch

Ask every motorcycle enthusiast about the sporty Superbike he owns and wants to drive. The name that comes out of his language is none other than Suzuki Hayabusa – the ultimate dream motorcycle for any fanatical motorcycle enthusiast.

Suzuki Hayabusa is the #1 sports Superbike in its class for the last decade, a combination of power, performance, presence, a technical marvel of the famous Japanese manufacturer Suzuki. The bike appeals to the GEnx racer with its smooth but powerful performance. It has become a benchmark for stability, reliability, speed, performance and total control for the motorcycle community with handling totally at the foot of the fleet.

To learn more about the Suzuki Hayabusa, you need to understand its specifications and characteristics. Therefore, here are some of the highlights that will help you in your purchase decision.

Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S. I. R. S)

Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 offers multiple driving modes to the driver with the patented Drive mode selector developed called Drive Mode Selector Alpha version.

The motorcycle has five levels of electronically controlled driving modes to optimize driving performance on different Terrains and driving conditions. These different driving parameters give confidence to the driver while spinning this monster of a motorcycle.

The Suzuki Hayabusa also has three predefined options, and the SDMS Alpha feature offers three other settings allowing the driver to choose from the available driving modes. You can use the selector provided on the handlebars to select one of the modes and display notifications on the LCD panel of the driving console.


The Suzuki Hayabusa is equipped with a BS6 compliant 1340 CC liquid-cooled Inline Four engine, making it a perfect combination of power, performance, durability and fuel efficiency.

This powerful engine provides the bike with the high-performance torque and energy to accelerate on championship races and urban roads.

Over the past 20 + years, motorcycle has been a huge fan base in the motorcycle community, making it the #1 Superbike Sport.

Here are some of the recent upgrades added to this bike to take it to the next level as the most futuristic motorcycle in its class.

The design and material of the pistons and connecting rods make the rotating parts of the engine easy.

Crankshaft oil passage is designed for improved lubrication.

Many small details have disappeared throughout the engine design with vast variations of drive shaft needle bearings in the way the engine bolt is tightened, and even in the screw holes threaded into the upper crankmatter.

The combustion efficiency of the engine is significantly improved thanks to the Twin Swirl combustion chamber (TSCC) and the new pistons.

This motorcycle comes with side feed injectors and a dual injector design. This new Design, combined with an extended inlet tube and a new air filter, optimizes its performance and thus allows better control in all driving conditions.

Hayabusa comes with spring and control tactile response with its perfectly developed throttle control system.


The motorcycle shows exquisite craftsmanship, bold Design that provides its driver with both muscle and performance.

The engineering team always keeps in mind the safety and ease of use of drivers, and the chassis design is no different. The chassis consists of a dual economy aluminum frame and swingarm design.

The frame is made of extruded aluminum profiles to give it the best agility in the class, combined with balance and dignity for an overall rugged yet sturdy look.

This motorcycle offers a maximum speed of 300 km / h without breaking a sweat.
The suspension is also a marvel of Japanese technology with upturned KYB store forks on the front wheel and carbon-covered fork tubes on the rear wheel.

It reduces friction and improves ride quality even on rough roads. The suspension is adjustable by the driver and provides a calming effect, safety and stability during long journeys.


This bike is recognizable from afar by its aerodynamic shape and futuristic appearance. Standing or moving, this motorcycle looks like a perfect predator.

A low position, an aggressive front end with a raised tail and a silencer make it a nasty machine like a cheetah that moves for its Kill.

The silencers are unique in their design with a bright metal and Chrome color scheme.

The motorcycle is equipped with CAE wind tunnel test tools to provide a Design that can cut the wind while driving at a maximum speed of 300 km/h on the highway.


This motorcycle has an instrument console that has been developed taking into account its fan in the motorcycle community.

The meters are all analog with a bright, big and bold look. The TFT-LCD center panel is distinguished by the combination of the SDMS-Alpha system and offers the driver live driving attributes at any time.

You can easily view brake pressure, acceleration, speed and throttle position on the control panel.

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