Hero & Honda: Check Out The Reasons For Up Sale Of Bike

Leading motorcycle and scooter manufacturers posted record high sales, with smart marketing, promotional giveaways and new targeted bike models proving popular with the masses. Some of the national brands have hit when the competition has overtaken “inside” with their pure speed in the market and new well-targeted bikes.

Hero Motocorp reported an 18.5% year-on-year increase in revenue (up from 42.5% the previous month). The success is attributed to the introduction of 15 new intelligently positioned models in 2013.

Honda (WHO’s CBM, which we featured on MBI some time ago) saw a massive 50% increase (+14.6%) as acceptance of their bikes proved popular.

Honda CB Trigger

Bajaj Auto have a MOM of 7.54%, but yoy drop of 4% with the domain “Discover” proves popular even in rural markets.
I also felt the bite of competing with mom down.%
Mahindra, although a small manufacturer have a YOY increase of 157%! and the MOTHER of 42.15%

Suzuki also seems to be on top (although they are good at keeping things secret).Suzuki has news for us soon and the TVS-BMW partnership could give TVS a kick-off in other market sectors.

Superbikes and customs are still at a crossroads, we know the numbers are much lower, but let’s face it, the desire factor increases well above 100% YOY as well as the ” WOW ” factor when these bikes pass and make our hearts run! ‘Dream on for the next Diwali ….’

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