Leslie Porterfield Says About Motorbikes In India

Leslie Porterfield, the fastest Woman on two Wheels, is now written exclusively for MotorbikesIndia.com (MI). Leslie Porterfield answers questions about Motorbikes India and the Bikerni.

Leslie’s remarkable achievements to date

In 2007, Leslie Porterfield started Land Speed Racing. Your Weapon of Choice was simple. To achieve speed records, she chose the Suzuki Hayabusa.

After a fall in 2007 and injuries, she returned more determined than ever on the same bike in 2008. With a 2002 Hayabusa turbocharger, she set records in three different classes. Leslie made his bike and performance known with his incredible record of 232mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2008.

She was also the first woman to enter the legendary Bonneville 200mph Club in a traditional motorcycle in its 61-year history.

Leslie Porterfield on Honda CBR

Also in 2008, she set a record in the 1000 cc production class aboard a Honda CBR. In 2009, Leslie returned to the Salt Flats to take the Meet Award top speed on a motorcycle with his 240mph pass on a record 227mph. This is the first time in history that a woman has received the award.

She has been featured in numerous magazines, Speed TV Superbikes, the discovery of Chanel Speed Capital, the pursuit of speed over speed, and numerous television interviews. The cover of the magazine was extensive and worldwide, with her on many covers. She also writes articles for 2 Wheel Tuner magazine on a monthly basis.

Suzuki’s record and the driver are also part of a progressive advertising campaign on insurance, currently underway in major publications.

She was also a keynote speaker at the AMA Women in Motorcycling Conference this year. In 2008, she was named Ama’s Rider of the Year. She also performs at international motorcycle shows, the Indianapolis Dealer Expo, Swiss Moto in Zurich, Femmoto and various races.

Leslie in the Guinness Book of Records

Leslie is the fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle in the Guinness Book of Records. She reached a top speed of 246 mph aboard the Turbo Hayabusa.

What’s next for the fastest Lady in the world?

Leslie holds the world record for the fastest person on a motorcycle (not just a woman) and MBI wishes her well in this challenge . We know you can do better! and now you have a whole load of women (and men) in India cheering you on the way!

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