DAYI’s Electric Motorcycle E-Odin

Source: sponsored press release / DAYI Motor has officially launched its first e-bike of the E-odin series. This smart electric motorcycle is equipped with 2 side housings and an upper housing, which is very interesting for daily work traffic or small road trips. Various charging options have also been integrated for charging in the city or on the street. With this motorcycle you are connected to the future and become a fashionable player of a new era.

In recent years, DAYI Motor has acquired extensive knowledge in the research and development of traditional gasoline motorcycles, as well as in the ATV and UTV market. Today, E-odin is the result of technological breakthroughs, the use of high-quality materials and collaboration with French and Italian designers. This led to a more comfortable driving position according to European standards with excellent carrying capacity.


Thanks to a successful appearance at the EICMA in Milan (Italy) and at the INTERMOT in Munich (Germany), this electric motorcycle received good feedback from all over the world. DAYI Motor is ready for the future and has the vision to become a global manufacturer of e-bikes.

Technical Specifications

  • Certificates EEC COC L3e
  • EURO-5
  • Range 210 km
  • Lithium battery 72V 100Ah
  • Charging time about 40A Charger: 2.5 hours
  • Power Brushless Motor 6000W
  • For driving license A1 (125 driving license)
  • Gear motor on rear wheel
  • Suitable for 2 persons
  • Speed Max. 100 km / h
  • DAYI Motor / THE PACKAGE / New E-Bikes
  • About DAYI Motor

Zhejiang Dayi Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 2013 and is the manufacturer of citycoco scooter. The company has been ISO9001 certified and all product lines have been certified as CEE and COC in the EU. DAYI Motor has a dynamic and passionate team, a strong technology department with independent research and development capabilities. A professional sales department that provides effective communication at regular intervals and, of course, a good after-sales service. Quality control ensures a high level of safety control for each vehicle.

To provide faster and better service in Europe, DAYI Motor has set up a warehouse and delivery center in Rotterdam (Netherlands) from where customers can get their light electric vehicles.

Future / looking for distributors

The global market for electric motorcycles and scooters is expected to have a CAGR of 4.4% between 2019 and 2025. Based on this, DAYI Motor is now recruiting European dealers to join its global group of importers/distributors with the intention of taking an absolute dominant position in the market.

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