Explore About Brand New Suzuki Hayabusa

New Delhi: Suzuki Motor Corporation on Friday unveiled Hayabusa 2021, the third-generation model that has undergone a complete model change for the first time in 13 years.

According to a statement from the company, the BRAND NEW Hayabusa will be sold worldwide, from Europe until the end of February and then in markets such as North America and Japan.

Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 has adopted the “Ultimate Sport” product concept from the first generation. The new stylistic design is characterized by a flowing, forward-leaning and aggressive silhouette, characterized by bold surfaces with sharp and avant-garde lines.

The body comes with two-tone colors by adopting different colors for the main body and small parts around the front air intakes, on the side covers and in the rear section. The turn signals with integrated daytime running lights on the outer edges of the air intakes are taken over by Suzuki motorcycles for the first time.



The 1,340 cc inline four-cylinder engine features an electronic ride-by-wire acceleration system and a revised intake and exhaust mechanism for improved power and torque in the low-to-mid rev range, the company said in a statement.

It meets the Euro5 emission standards (for European Specification) introduced for new motorcycles sold in Europe from 2020.

Suzuki’s newly installed Intelligent Ride System (S. I. R. S.) features SDMS-α, which helps riders select preset models on 5 different electronic control systems including power mode selector, traction control, motor brake control and 2 other controls.


S. I. R. S. also comes with active speed limiter, which is the first adaptation for the production of models in the motorcycle industry, which allows the driver to set a speed limit that the motorcycle should not exceed in certain circumstances.

Different modes are available for each electronic control system to better adapt to the different riding scenes, from the city to tours to racetracks, and to better suit the preferences and skills of the riders.

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